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Feb. 9th, 2009 @ 11:59 pm Post! A Post!
So I'm posting this here, mostly because I know no one will read it and it pleases me to do so. I've been working on 'In the Dead of Night', the second book in 'The Witching Hour' series, and for some reason I'm getting so excited about the futures of my characters. Which are?

That's what I'm posting to tell you. If you don't want spoilers, you probably shouldn't read, but everyone loves a good spoiler, right?

Dellacourt Galloway- freelance vampire hunter until her mid-thirties, after which her whereabouts become a mystery. There are rumors that she ran off and started a family with the leader of GEIST, her former boyfriend Aether, while other rumors say she chose true love and finally became a vampire.

Marduk Narayan- becomes a vampire in book 4, at 17. Works as a freelance hunter, and haunts Knightsridge, and the rest of the world for most of eternity.

Aether Sloane- is one of the original charter members of GEIST, along with Arrant and Zephyr. Went on to do all sorts of good works and charity. Disappeared much the same time as Dellacourt, but nobody knows whether they ran off together, he was killed, or he was killed by Marduk.

Roane Leonte- grew up and had a normal family, ironically. One obnoxiously sweet wife and a little girl.

Pyrrha Waldorf- moves FAR from Knightsridge, but begins her own supernatural investigations agency on the east coast that also tries to get hold of orphaned victims of the supernatural world before Asylum's many organizations can.

Zoey Claremont- married Jake Dominguez of the Abamalek were clan (appears in Book 3, Phases of the Moon) and became alpha bitch of the clan.

Osun Akikyu-dies at the end of Book 3 along with her consort, Obie.

Bryce Galloway- helps to fund one of the shadier sections of GEIST, works on liaisons with the fey. Has a steady girlfriend. (I'm really tempted to make it a boyfriend, but it doesn't fit his character unless Faerie really fucked him up)

Abigail Rooney-Despite becoming a shadow in Book 4, Abigail manages to return home, take over her family's magic business even though she never manifests powers herself. She has a harem of young men who follow her every whim, as it should be.

Sita Larino- One of the more popular citizens of Knightsridge, she is widely known as the go to for anything magic- The Alchemist.

Vishal Mithran (whose name might be changing to Vince something or other)- pretty much the go to warlock in town, shares an apartment with Sita and the ghost of Aston.

Josh Varner- remains a shadow forever after Book 4

Tamarin O'Shea- leaves in search of her sister in Book 3, whom she eventually ends up finding the heart to stake. Then returns to Faerie.

Jack Arnaud- is killed in Book 4 by his own team.

Quinna Cleary- After the mutiny she incites in Book 4, Quinna is the only other person aside from Roane to go on to lead a fairly normal life.

I won't tell what happens to the Proctors or the characters that have only been barely introduced yet- Guadalupe Dominguez, Arrant Valerth, Irene Macdougal, Wataru Spiederman (?), Grendel Shaughnessy, Shay Youngblood, Lawrence Carmichael, etc.
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