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Dec. 25th, 2008 @ 02:00 am Favorite Couples
Merry Christmas! (And Happy whatever else!)

Top 10 Favorite Original Fiction (of mine) couples
1. Prudence (Prue) Gelliston and Casey Hargrove
2. Dellacourt Galloway and Marduk Narayan
3. Bailey Gelsey and Ezekiel Anand AND Adam Stone
4. Signy Coulter and Charon Mercer
5. Ava Pevensey and Lysander (Xander) Everson
6. Llewellyn (Llew) Van der Zandt and Mortimer Thanatos (Than) Dusany
7. Prospect Marlowe and Coltrane Malhotra
8. Clara Warren and Milo Aubrey
9. Winifred Quincey and Valance Aaronson
10. Violetta Brailsford and Ahab Gallant
---Shailly McCallister-Hargrove and Karsh Hargrove, Amy Sherrer and Jack Saunders, and Harper Valente and Conrad Hargrove were all runners up.

Top 10 Favorite Fiction (not mine) couples (theoretical and canon)
1. Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida---Digimon
2. Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh---South Park
3. Gregory House and James Wilson---House M.D.
4. Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood---Harry Potter
5. Sabriel and Touchstone---Abhorsen Trilogy
6. Gemma Doyle and Kartik---A Great and Terrible Beauty Trilogy
7. Eddi and the Phouka---- War for the Oaks
8. Jinpachi and Issei--- Please Save My Earth
9. Sora and Riku--- Kingdom Hearts
10. Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski/Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman/Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy--- South Park/Harry Potter
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