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Nov. 16th, 2008 @ 07:56 pm Boys in Stories
I think I've figured out why I find my main guy heroes in stories so attractive. Actually, I think it's even what I found most attractive in my two exes and what's lacking in my current boyfriend.

Casey Hargrove, Valance Aaronson, Ezekiel Anand, Marduk Narayan, Xander Everson, Milo Aubrey, and practically all of my other guy characters share exactly one thing in common. They're completely different characters, but they all have what I guess would be called a white-knight complex. They all ALWAYS have the heroines back, no matter what.

I think that's the one thing that my exes both had too; Paul and Jay both would always have my back, even if I was getting in a fight that was totally my fault, and I was spouting complete bullshit, they'd still be behind me.

Nakul is not behind me. If I get in a fight, he's like, guys stop fighting. He'll tell me, I know you're right, but he won't actually try to protect me. I mean, I know I don't need the protection; fuck, I can fight my own battles.

But it's be really nice if I knew he was behind me- no saying he is does not count. I need action- I need him to show me he's on my side. Which so far he never is. He usually keeps mum when me and whoever I'm fighting with go to him- which makes me look like I'm in the wrong. I mean whose boyfriend doesn't defend them.
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