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Mar. 17th, 2008 @ 05:43 am Nevermore
As we all know, I'm of the belief that writing is especially therapeutic. We've seen this with the creation of Absinthe, Half a Couple, and many other stories that deal with the goings on of my own wretched love life. However, many of these stories and their heroines get abandoned- and while I'm fighting my hardest to make sure Taj and Prospect don't get lost by the wayside, I also want to create a story that rises above but also centers around whats happening. A great fantasy of sorts. With that, I present you Nevermore.

Nevermore's heroine is Chase Blackhope. You might recognize the name Blackhope from Blood.Wolf.Soul, the tale of Rosie Blackhope and her wolfy reincarnations. Nevermore takes place long, long before Blood.Wolf.Soul--- in fact, Chase happens to be Rosie's aunt.

Recently I've been playing with the older folks of Knightsridge, Grimmerie Holllow, and their sister cities. Nevermore runs in this vein.

Anyway, Chase broke up with her boyfriend JD nearly a year ago. (The reason is pretty much the same as why Prospect and Ajay broke up and Taj and her boy broke up). However, Chase doesn't get lucky and meet a hot imaginary friend like Irish (Taj) or fall in love with her ex's future brother in law like Coltrane (Prospect). Instead, Chase gets assaulted by her drunken ex who should be way, way upstate in a surprise attack. Even more annoying is the inexplicable way that Chase and JD accidentally get tied together. This is not the romantic boon one might hope for- JD which is short for Jaiwal Dayshire, in case anyone was wondering) is completely unapologetic and uncaring. He can't stand Chase anymore than she can stand him.

At first, Chase tries to live out her life normally, despite this new irritating bond. Her best friends, Farriyah Shikha and Ty Carteret help her bash JD at every given opportunity and her boyfriend of a few months, Kinder Seancy is understanding (for the most part). Then she realizes something strange is going on with JD- aside from him being an obnoxious douchebag.

JD is heartless, meaning yes, he no longer has a heart. As in, its been cut out. Chase discovers that heartlessness is becoming epidemic, not only amongst JD's friends- the girl he dumped her for, Nell Eberlee, his best friends, Leatrix Whitacker and Ensley Verbeck; but also people she meets randomly. I know this is sounding a little Kingdom Hearts, but trust me, it works out.

Eventually, Chase and JD end up on a journey to regain his heart- still despising each other all the way. Between wondering why exactly JD sold his soul to the devil and travelling worlds, Chase also has to deal with the beautiful, ruthless heartless who is hunting JD down- Shilah Grewal, the completely charming and arrogant stowaway, Miller Stanley, and the devil himself, Wylie Helling.

An interesting side fact is that at age twenty three, Chase is next door neighbors with Gaia and Gemma Shanahan, whom you lot might know better as Autumn and Gemma Shanahan- Gemma being the main character of another recent story about a boy named Jameson who can see faerie. No? Well, Autumn/Gaia grows up to be Gaia Galloway- and I know you all know the name of Dellacourt and Bryce's mother.

Anyway, just a taste of the worlds Chase and JD visit- a world where the only resource used is oxygen so that the natural resources may be enjoyed by all. Only that means immigration is restricted because too many people might use up all the air, and is air really the only resource used? Something can't be created out of nothing...
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