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Nov. 22nd, 2007 @ 01:24 am Blood.Wolf.Soul
Aside from Absinthe, my other new story is Blood.Wolf.Song, obviously the title is a WIP.

Characters are actually stolen from the old old old story Shadows Beyond Reality.

We have...

Rose Alexandra Black- Rosie's father dies, so she'd sent to live with her mother. When she gets to her mum's house however, she finds out that she and her stepfather are going on their second honeymoon. So Rosie is sent to be at the 'summer camp' her half-sister and stepbrother are at. However, Rosie's mum neglects to mention that while she's on her summer vaca in St. Bhart's, half-sister Whitter Grayson and stepbrother Mackieran Grayson are actually at Sir ....'s Camp for Troubled and Misguided Youths due to a little indiscretion they committed. So Rosie is stuck in the middle of the woods with a bunch of psychos, siblings who hate her, and of course a few wolf-boys.

Akker "Cutter" Thorne- Akker rubbed Rosie the wrong way almost from the moment they met. The three hours on the plane on the way to the camp didn't improve her opinion of him much. Wild and untamed, Akker is the son of the head of the camp. He's also the leader of his pack.

Austen Proctor- Austen is Akker's cousin. He and Rosie meet in the airport, when he decides to kiss her while she's 'asleep'. Obviously, this pisses Rosie off immensely, but Austen does his best to get in with her. He's intensely loyal, and is torn between his draw towards Rosie and his loyalty to the pack.

Cobalt ...- Cobalt is one of Rosie's first friends at the camp. She doesn't realize he's part of the pack until much later- he's one of the last to join.

Whitter Grayson- Whitter is Rosie's half-sister (actually her real sister, but Rosie doesn't know it). She dislikes Rosie since she got to live with their dad, thinking that he loved Rosie more because he fought to take her.

Mackieran Grayson- Mackieran is Rosie's stepbrother. He and Whitter got in trouble because Mackieran has this little issue where he's kind of in love with his stepsister. (Whitter, not Rosie).

George Steele- Rosie's second friend at camp. Rosie actually thought that Cobalt and George both liked her until she figures out that they actually like each other.

Boomer ....- a native american boy who is third in command of the pack. He doesn't like Rosie much because she said he has a boy's name.

Betsey Threnody- the only girl werewolf. She HATES it.

Pharoh ....- another of the pack. Smart, dark, and intelligent.

Daley Maerck- the last member of the pack. A total puppy.

Valerian Vale, Imogene Threnody, Meredith Windling, Honey .... - all the shadow mates of the pack. When a wolf is made, it is inevitable that a 'mate' is made for them. These mates are given the ability to run fast, to be strong, appropriate mates. But they all have issues. Mainly there's seven pack members and as of yet only four mates that they found. Val is sort of bitter because she's actually Betsey's mate (neither of them are lesbians) and she loves Akker. Imogene is carefree and too young for anyone and Betsey hates her because Betsey was supposed to be a shadow wolf, not a wolf, Meredith really couldn't care less. Honey is more of a gal pal than a mate to anyone.

There's other charas, but I can't remember who.

Oh, and it keeps some of the convinction plot line- ie, reincarnation. Akker is still Siris, who was the king of a wolf empire. Austen is Ryence, who was Siris's best friend. He was to have a shadow mate- who was a common girl, Dahlia. The reason there are normally no female wolves is because the only person who was to ever become a female wolf is the person who ends up with the leader of the pack- (that's how it USED TO BE. There's a diff. reason now). So obviously Dahlia and Siris fell in love. Ryence freaked. War, blood, drama. Ruined civilization of wolves. The current situation is that this orange haired girl who looks remarkably like Rosie but calls herself Dahlia has appeared and is ALSO a wolf and is causing mischief at camp. Naturally, this Dahlia turns out to be an expression of Rosie's soul- because the old Dahlia always wanted to be a wolf to be with Siris. Rosie becomes a wolf at the end, yay. Not that she wants it.

It sounds stupid but it has blood, drama, gore, and makes sense in my head. All I need in a novel. Yay.
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