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Mar. 18th, 2009 @ 09:35 am New Story Brainstorming
Soulmates never die- Sleeping with ghosts.

Blaire Gallagher
Lily Harlowe
Aeriel ...?

future, no sea, no anything...

I don't know. Random ideas I needed to write down in class.
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Mar. 16th, 2009 @ 10:07 am Poison Fairytales
So I didn't forget about PF. I just kind of...stopped writing it. But now I realized I only have four chapters left. So...


...Harper and Conrad are attacked by Samael in the house, who came with Dana. Dana is meanwhile busy setting a trap for Prue, but fails when Casey discovers her. He finds out that his little brother and Harper are in trouble and runs to save them.
...Avarick takes pleasure in watching Merlin and Zillah get in a catfight in front of Apollonia and Lachlan, since her friends all seem to be in medical.

That sounds like a good round paper.
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Bedroom by sxylilwitch
Feb. 20th, 2009 @ 04:54 am On Love and Fanfiction
Okay, so the first thing I want to write about is love. Actually, love might be a misnomer. More like...lust? Infatuation isn't the right word, but it's the one that comes to mind (I've been reading Choke, obviously).

I suppose the thing about me is I like boys. I really like boys. I'm not boy crazy, but when I'm with boys, I like to think about what they think about me (because they must, at least I hope so), and if they'd like to do anything to me (in a fun way), and if they're thinking the same things I am (which isn't necessarily more than 'you're fun to be with').

Now this isn't the way I think about all boys. The thoughts pop up with a lot of boys, but they're less frequent with some than others. For instance, there are these three friends of my boyfriend. Let's name them S1, S2, and S3- oddly enough it just occurred to me their names all start with S's. I don't actually find any of them particularly attractive- maybe S2. A little. But I hang out with S1 all the time, and I think he's interesting and funny, and I've even once though he was slightly sexy. S2 I think is kind of attractive, and I have thoughts of wondering if he likes me often, but only when I'm with him. S1 I have thoughts about a lot more than often. Not all the time, but most of the time when I'm with him. S3 I've only thought about once or twice that way- human nature. And that's what it's like with a lot of boys. When I'm with new ones, I think, which ones like me?

And the thing is, why should it matter? I have a boyfriend I love- although not enough, in my opinion. Recently it occurred to me...I love my boyfriend. I really do. I don't want to lose him- for a while I thought it was because I don't want to be alone, but now I'm of the opinion that I really value him as a friend, as a person, as a lover. But the thing is, I don't think I'm ready to be serious. I'm twenty three, which is old enough for a lot of people, but more and more I'm thinking I want to have fun- with friends. I'm not the kind of girl who can go out and hook up with random people (unless I'm drunk,and then I almost always regret it)- I need to hook up with people I know. So if my boyfriend wasn't a factor, I could have all these thoughts about S1, attractive or not, and act on them. Normally I would. But I don't want to hurt my boyfriend, because I already have twice. When I thought about why, I realized it was because subconsciously, I just want to have fun still. I need to get it out of my system. I need to experience as much as I can.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Starting here is fanfic crap...

You know this would be so much easier if he stopped strutting around like a fucking cock tease and just let me…

I’m sorry, I’m really too horrified with that thought to continue it.

He eventually is able with Kyle’s help to find a sort of relationship with Kenny that’s more a friendship but has potential.

Stan’s being a dick when we’re in public, and sometimes in private. But other times he’s just that scrawny childhood friend of mine. I’m guessing he really can’t stand the fact that he confessed to me. If things weren’t fucked up beyond all belief, I might be able to handle this better.
I invite Kenny over for dinner. Up till this point, I don’t think mom actually believed me when I said I was going out to spend time with friends. I think she’s of the opinion that I’ve been gallivanting around with hussies that I meet on the job search. Moses, I wish. Instead the only hussies I get are my friends.
Anyway, Kenny’s kind of the only person I’m comfortable with right now. When he told me he loved me, I still think he half meant it as a joke, or to tease me. Since I can’t gauge how serious he was about it, I’m not letting it bother me. Maybe a little. Cartman’s love confession was so unexpected and so nauseating that I just really can’t tolerate being around the fat boy right now, and Stan’s…well…I don’t know. I may be smart, but I’m not a fucking genius. Evidenced by the fact I got kicked out of school for partying too hard. I almost wish I’d sucked it up and argued like a feral cat to stay in school. Then I never would have had to come back to South Park. Nothing’s the same as I remember it, and I really wish it was.
When he comes over we shoot the breeze for a little while on my back deck. I’m sitting in a canvas chair soaked through with snow and ice, but I can barely feel it through my ski pants and parka. Have I mentioned that I really hate the cold? Once I get some kind of degree, I’m moving to Tahiti. On the other hand I doubt the humidity will do wonders for my hair.
“What are the odds that all four of us turned out gay?”
“I think it would kick that nature versus nurture argument right square in the balls,” Kenny replied mischievously, “Because it’s obvious the way we were raised had something to do with it. We can’t all have just naturally been like this.”
I thought about it. It made my head hurt. I wasn’t out to solve any of the cardinal questions; who am I, is there a God, are people born gay or just made that way? Yeah. I don’t care, really. I was just asking to hear myself speak, I think. Sometimes it’s nice to hear things out loud.
“I guess it doesn’t matter.”
“Why Kyle,” Kenny put on this affected Southern drawl that sort of clashed with the Midwestern twang of his natural voice, “Are you trying to admit something here? About your sexuality?”
“No,” I crossed my arms. He wasn’t going to drag this out of me. Absolutely not.
He sobers quickly, “You haven’t seemed particularly happy of late.”
Well, what does he expect? I’d gone from finding out one of my friends is gay to finding out they all have raging hard-ons for me. Oh no, that wasn’t upsetting at all.
Unhappily, I glare at Kenny.
“You know, I don’t want to put any pressure on you,” he says softly, a frown twisting his lips, “I told you I love you…I sort of meant it in the friends sense. I mean, I’m interested in you. Definitely. Kyle, you’re the freshest thing to hit this town in a while, and that ass-“
He smirks when I make a little yowl of protest.
“-that ass is fi-ine,” the blonde continues, just to irritate me, “But I didn’t tell you to mess with your mind. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate lately.”
Great. Now he’s going to be one of those considerate guys with a crush on me. That’s so nice. The main problem being, I still am not fucking gay!
“Thanks Ken,” I glare at him, “Real helpful.”
He smiles cheekily, “I live to help.”
“I bet I could fix that,” I grumble, thinking of all the different ways there are to actually kill Kenny. My mom wouldn’t jive with the blood on the carpet though, and since he’s already getting up and going inside, that idea is moot.

On a Friday blaqk audio

Kenny has a wicked throw but was never interested in baseball in high school. He still plays around with Stan some weekends though. He also has the voice of an angel.

Stan is great at football and baseball. He’s also overly emotional.

Kyle is amazing at basketball. Sometimes it really pisses him off that he has a part of Cartman inside him (kidney).

Stan’s been fucking Craig on the side, despite the fact they both don’t like each other much- Stan needs someone male to ‘be’ Kyle and has turned Kenny down forever, and Craig needs someone to be Token. (sorry, I don’t ship creek.) He’s been trying to live this completely normal life, but he’s also been trying to subconsciously ignore the fact that he’s been in love with Kyle since forever ago. When Kyle comes back, he’s incredibly happy just to have his friend back, but the more time they spend together, the more anger he allows to seep out. Stan’s the kind of guy who believes in magic and innocence, and the fact that his friend betrayed him- not just with the not calling, but with the things they never got to do together, the promises they broke, etc- drove him to stop believing in love too- he couldn’t believe he’d fallen in love with someone. That’s why the rounds of cheating, etc.

Kenny loves Kyle because he has sort of been shunned by all his friends- everyone ditched him, and he doesn’t even believe in friendship anymore. Kyle comes and gives him so much attention that it turns into love.

And now they all want me to tell them which of them I love. Have they even considered the possibility that the answer is none of them? I mean, sure, I love them all in a platonic, let’s drink and watch football together and maybe cry, but only at your grandmother’s funeral sort of way. But do I love any of them in that true love chick flick romantic sort of way? Obviously I wouldn’t mind a little below the belt action. Well, I think I would mind, but according to Kenny the way my ‘slutty body’ reacts kind of conflicts with what I think. This whole true love thing…I’m only twenty three. I’m not ready to make a life decision. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready. What good is it being so damned smart if you can’t graduate school, can’t decide who to date, can’t even support yourself in any single fucking way? I’m hopeless. I don’t want to hurt any of my friends. They mean so damned much to me that the thought of losing any of them is stifling, even Cartman. But I don’t want to lead them on either. All this attention is nice, but completely unwanted. I think. I hope. God, I’m fucked.
I leaned into her embrace, kissing her back. And then I stopped. What was I doing?
Wait. Why was I questioning it? Kissing her was as nice as kissing any of the other girls I had in the past, but that’s all it was; nice. I thought of the brief, accidental brush of lips Stan and I had shared. I thought of Cartman’s love confession. I thought of Kenny’s offer. And suddenly I was pushing her roughly away.
“What the fuck, Kyle?”
“I’m sorry, I can’t do this right now.”
“Do what?” she demanded, exasperated, “It’s not like I’m luring you into my panties or anything. It’s a fucking goodnight kiss.”
“I know,” I feel my temper start to rise, and I know the tone of my voice has suddenly gone patronizing, like I’m explaining to a child, “But I still can’t do this.”
She scrutinizes me, shakes her head, and mutters, “I knew you were a fag.”
Then she storms inside her house. Her words hit me full force, mixing in with the thoughts I had when I stopped the kiss. She might be right.

That’s it. This town is fucking crazy. My once best friend wants in my pants. My other two close friends want in my pants. I want to go buy a fucking chastity belt because I’m mighty scared that my anal virginity is up for grabs. While rape is a harsh word, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has it on the table. Mainly Cartman. Kenny’s a close second.

Gay. Am I gay? Is it possible to have four close friends turn completely and utterly gay? Were we always destined to turn out this way, or was it all the celebrities who took up residence in our closets that made us thus?

The above was random ass shit that will eventually be included in 'You Can Never Go Back', my style SP fic. I just posted Chapter 10 tonight. Yay. The above isn't necessarily in order.

I want to change my icon, but at the same time, the lyrics still ring true...Like violence, you kill me...forever, and after.
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Feb. 9th, 2009 @ 11:59 pm Post! A Post!
So I'm posting this here, mostly because I know no one will read it and it pleases me to do so. I've been working on 'In the Dead of Night', the second book in 'The Witching Hour' series, and for some reason I'm getting so excited about the futures of my characters. Which are?

That's what I'm posting to tell you. If you don't want spoilers, you probably shouldn't read, but everyone loves a good spoiler, right?

Dellacourt Galloway- freelance vampire hunter until her mid-thirties, after which her whereabouts become a mystery. There are rumors that she ran off and started a family with the leader of GEIST, her former boyfriend Aether, while other rumors say she chose true love and finally became a vampire.

Marduk Narayan- becomes a vampire in book 4, at 17. Works as a freelance hunter, and haunts Knightsridge, and the rest of the world for most of eternity.

Aether Sloane- is one of the original charter members of GEIST, along with Arrant and Zephyr. Went on to do all sorts of good works and charity. Disappeared much the same time as Dellacourt, but nobody knows whether they ran off together, he was killed, or he was killed by Marduk.

Roane Leonte- grew up and had a normal family, ironically. One obnoxiously sweet wife and a little girl.

Pyrrha Waldorf- moves FAR from Knightsridge, but begins her own supernatural investigations agency on the east coast that also tries to get hold of orphaned victims of the supernatural world before Asylum's many organizations can.

Zoey Claremont- married Jake Dominguez of the Abamalek were clan (appears in Book 3, Phases of the Moon) and became alpha bitch of the clan.

Osun Akikyu-dies at the end of Book 3 along with her consort, Obie.

Bryce Galloway- helps to fund one of the shadier sections of GEIST, works on liaisons with the fey. Has a steady girlfriend. (I'm really tempted to make it a boyfriend, but it doesn't fit his character unless Faerie really fucked him up)

Abigail Rooney-Despite becoming a shadow in Book 4, Abigail manages to return home, take over her family's magic business even though she never manifests powers herself. She has a harem of young men who follow her every whim, as it should be.

Sita Larino- One of the more popular citizens of Knightsridge, she is widely known as the go to for anything magic- The Alchemist.

Vishal Mithran (whose name might be changing to Vince something or other)- pretty much the go to warlock in town, shares an apartment with Sita and the ghost of Aston.

Josh Varner- remains a shadow forever after Book 4

Tamarin O'Shea- leaves in search of her sister in Book 3, whom she eventually ends up finding the heart to stake. Then returns to Faerie.

Jack Arnaud- is killed in Book 4 by his own team.

Quinna Cleary- After the mutiny she incites in Book 4, Quinna is the only other person aside from Roane to go on to lead a fairly normal life.

I won't tell what happens to the Proctors or the characters that have only been barely introduced yet- Guadalupe Dominguez, Arrant Valerth, Irene Macdougal, Wataru Spiederman (?), Grendel Shaughnessy, Shay Youngblood, Lawrence Carmichael, etc.
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Shigeru by koikon
Dec. 25th, 2008 @ 02:00 am Favorite Couples
Merry Christmas! (And Happy whatever else!)

Top 10 Favorite Original Fiction (of mine) couples
1. Prudence (Prue) Gelliston and Casey Hargrove
2. Dellacourt Galloway and Marduk Narayan
3. Bailey Gelsey and Ezekiel Anand AND Adam Stone
4. Signy Coulter and Charon Mercer
5. Ava Pevensey and Lysander (Xander) Everson
6. Llewellyn (Llew) Van der Zandt and Mortimer Thanatos (Than) Dusany
7. Prospect Marlowe and Coltrane Malhotra
8. Clara Warren and Milo Aubrey
9. Winifred Quincey and Valance Aaronson
10. Violetta Brailsford and Ahab Gallant
---Shailly McCallister-Hargrove and Karsh Hargrove, Amy Sherrer and Jack Saunders, and Harper Valente and Conrad Hargrove were all runners up.

Top 10 Favorite Fiction (not mine) couples (theoretical and canon)
1. Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida---Digimon
2. Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh---South Park
3. Gregory House and James Wilson---House M.D.
4. Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood---Harry Potter
5. Sabriel and Touchstone---Abhorsen Trilogy
6. Gemma Doyle and Kartik---A Great and Terrible Beauty Trilogy
7. Eddi and the Phouka---- War for the Oaks
8. Jinpachi and Issei--- Please Save My Earth
9. Sora and Riku--- Kingdom Hearts
10. Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski/Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman/Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy--- South Park/Harry Potter
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Bitches by sxylilwitch
Nov. 16th, 2008 @ 07:56 pm Boys in Stories
I think I've figured out why I find my main guy heroes in stories so attractive. Actually, I think it's even what I found most attractive in my two exes and what's lacking in my current boyfriend.

Casey Hargrove, Valance Aaronson, Ezekiel Anand, Marduk Narayan, Xander Everson, Milo Aubrey, and practically all of my other guy characters share exactly one thing in common. They're completely different characters, but they all have what I guess would be called a white-knight complex. They all ALWAYS have the heroines back, no matter what.

I think that's the one thing that my exes both had too; Paul and Jay both would always have my back, even if I was getting in a fight that was totally my fault, and I was spouting complete bullshit, they'd still be behind me.

Nakul is not behind me. If I get in a fight, he's like, guys stop fighting. He'll tell me, I know you're right, but he won't actually try to protect me. I mean, I know I don't need the protection; fuck, I can fight my own battles.

But it's be really nice if I knew he was behind me- no saying he is does not count. I need action- I need him to show me he's on my side. Which so far he never is. He usually keeps mum when me and whoever I'm fighting with go to him- which makes me look like I'm in the wrong. I mean whose boyfriend doesn't defend them.
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Shigeru by koikon
Jul. 18th, 2008 @ 03:19 am (no subject)
I guess...I felt this was kind of a depressing subject to put on my other lj. It makes me feel better knowing fewer people will read it here. Maybe even no one.

Sometimes I feel like I've lost the will to live. I guess that sounds worse than it is. It just feels like...I used to be excited about life. I had dreams, and I knew who I was- well, mostly. Then I went to college, and met Jay. I told him once that he destroyed all my dreams, and that was a harsher way to put it than what I actually meant- he destroyed all the dreams I had because he either incorporated himself into them, or he made me think up new dreams. And they didn't even feel like dreams anymore. They felt like impending reality. I know its bad to love someone so much that it makes you hate yourself, but thats how I felt. Not hate for myself- but at least dislike for the way I acted, the things I did and allowed to be done. And then he left me, and I was lost. I've always valued loyalty above anything else, so not only did he break my heart, he shattered everything I believed in. How could the person I thought was my soulmate be disloyal?

Now I'm back to having this great life. I have amazing friends; real friends, my own friends that have nothing to do with other people. I have a sweet boyfriend who I'm pretty much leading on- he loves me the way I loved Jay, and I'm terrified I'm going to shatter him, because he's just a normal boyfriend for me. I'm going to graduate college soon. I don't know. Sounds perfect, right?

Except it feels empty. Even writing, my greatest passion, now that I'm so close to finishing two stories and maybe even getting them published; it feels...empty. What use is writing about magic and fairytales if you had one and lost it and know you're doomed to never feel that way again?

I keep getting told I'm lucky. I don't feel lucky.

I'm controlling my boyfriend, and that makes me feel bad. I'm avoiding my friends, and that makes me feel stupid. I'm not graduating from the school I always dreamed I'd graduate from, and that burns. Meanwhile I have no guidance, no direction. Even if I do what I want to do, I feel like the life ahead of me is empty. I feel like I've lost everything.

And its not even about Jay anymore. Even if he were to come back in my life, it would be like- I don't know you. It's been a year. The things I wanted from him have vanished and gone. The only feelings that haven't died is the one where I feel so hopelessly betrayed. I want nothing from him. I vaguely hope his girlfriend cheats on him and he gets run over by a red sox fan, because that's what he deserves. But that's all there is.

I have no love. I have no hate. I have nothing at all.

I'm just a void place.
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Ryoki by Sxylilwitch1
Mar. 17th, 2008 @ 05:43 am Nevermore
As we all know, I'm of the belief that writing is especially therapeutic. We've seen this with the creation of Absinthe, Half a Couple, and many other stories that deal with the goings on of my own wretched love life. However, many of these stories and their heroines get abandoned- and while I'm fighting my hardest to make sure Taj and Prospect don't get lost by the wayside, I also want to create a story that rises above but also centers around whats happening. A great fantasy of sorts. With that, I present you Nevermore.

Nevermore's heroine is Chase Blackhope. You might recognize the name Blackhope from Blood.Wolf.Soul, the tale of Rosie Blackhope and her wolfy reincarnations. Nevermore takes place long, long before Blood.Wolf.Soul--- in fact, Chase happens to be Rosie's aunt.

Recently I've been playing with the older folks of Knightsridge, Grimmerie Holllow, and their sister cities. Nevermore runs in this vein.

Anyway, Chase broke up with her boyfriend JD nearly a year ago. (The reason is pretty much the same as why Prospect and Ajay broke up and Taj and her boy broke up). However, Chase doesn't get lucky and meet a hot imaginary friend like Irish (Taj) or fall in love with her ex's future brother in law like Coltrane (Prospect). Instead, Chase gets assaulted by her drunken ex who should be way, way upstate in a surprise attack. Even more annoying is the inexplicable way that Chase and JD accidentally get tied together. This is not the romantic boon one might hope for- JD which is short for Jaiwal Dayshire, in case anyone was wondering) is completely unapologetic and uncaring. He can't stand Chase anymore than she can stand him.

At first, Chase tries to live out her life normally, despite this new irritating bond. Her best friends, Farriyah Shikha and Ty Carteret help her bash JD at every given opportunity and her boyfriend of a few months, Kinder Seancy is understanding (for the most part). Then she realizes something strange is going on with JD- aside from him being an obnoxious douchebag.

JD is heartless, meaning yes, he no longer has a heart. As in, its been cut out. Chase discovers that heartlessness is becoming epidemic, not only amongst JD's friends- the girl he dumped her for, Nell Eberlee, his best friends, Leatrix Whitacker and Ensley Verbeck; but also people she meets randomly. I know this is sounding a little Kingdom Hearts, but trust me, it works out.

Eventually, Chase and JD end up on a journey to regain his heart- still despising each other all the way. Between wondering why exactly JD sold his soul to the devil and travelling worlds, Chase also has to deal with the beautiful, ruthless heartless who is hunting JD down- Shilah Grewal, the completely charming and arrogant stowaway, Miller Stanley, and the devil himself, Wylie Helling.

An interesting side fact is that at age twenty three, Chase is next door neighbors with Gaia and Gemma Shanahan, whom you lot might know better as Autumn and Gemma Shanahan- Gemma being the main character of another recent story about a boy named Jameson who can see faerie. No? Well, Autumn/Gaia grows up to be Gaia Galloway- and I know you all know the name of Dellacourt and Bryce's mother.

Anyway, just a taste of the worlds Chase and JD visit- a world where the only resource used is oxygen so that the natural resources may be enjoyed by all. Only that means immigration is restricted because too many people might use up all the air, and is air really the only resource used? Something can't be created out of nothing...
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Bedroom by sxylilwitch
Feb. 3rd, 2008 @ 01:17 am Jya...I miss you...So pathetic
Okay, depsite the sappy heading, this post has nothing to do with me. Well, it does, but more so it has to do with a new spin off story for Giddy Brew.

Casey has had a couple girlfriends in his life- Prue, Mylie, Arkady Doyle, Ursula Madden, Vanadine Delilah Parris, and a few unknowns. Of particular interest we have Mylie Coulter- Melopomene Paloma Coulter, the girl who he both used to make Prue jealous and who later enchanted him into messing up his entire relationship with her. Mylie was kicked out of school following the incident, and she spent the year and a half following in rehabilitation and eventually becoming a pirateer for the Queen, just like her father. When Casey was nearing his second year at Willowcrest, Mylie and he started a relationship that lasted five years. She eventually leaves him for Rainer Marlowe- but Mylie was very nearly one of Casey's great loves. She is the longest relationship he's ever had, with the exception of Dear Prudence.

This new spin off features Mylie's younger sister, Signy. As a little explanation, let me state here that Mylie only became involved in Trueblood activities because of her love for Rainer. Rainer was kicked out of Brackenridge Altar when he was sixteen, or a fourth former. This takes place nearly directly after that.

Signy Wilhelmina Coulter isn't like the normal carefree sorcerers of Brackenridge Altar Academy. For one thing, she very nearly killed someone. (In fact, that someone was a Lieutenant Brody Walker in the service of the militia, which makes it twice as bad. Nevermind that Brody tried sexually assaulting both her and her older sister- in the eyes of both Queen Mary and Minerva Walker-Coulter, Signy's own mother, she was in the wrong).

So Signy has been sent to The Blackfriars School for Maladjusted Youths. The old castle is nothing like the magical manors of Brackenridge Altar- instead Signy lives in stupid cold, musty, smelly rooms with roommates who would just as soon see her dead. The class at blackfriars this year includes...

Evandre Nona Procter, a relative of Queen Mary herself, aged sixteen, whose teensy tiny stabbing incident with one of the royal dukes landed her in blackfriars. Evandre shares a room and eventually a friendship with Signy.

Ursula Anath Madden, a non magical girl whose political dissidence and involvement in revolutionary activities at the mere age of fifteen secured her place at blackfriars. Ursula's roommate is seventeen year old Honor Leda Cannary, daughter of the famed actor Vaughn Cannary and the songstress Miranda Tallis. Honor assaulted her own actress sister, twenty one year old Aurora Chelsea Cannary out of pure spite and jealousy. Honor and Ursula DO NOT get along.

Renata Briony Lee, a sixteen year old non magical girl whose crimes are unknown. Renata rooms with Geneva Angelique Malone, better known at this point in her life as Evie. Evie later becomes the necromancer best friend of Mylie, mostly because of her time and friendship with Signy. She was committed for awakening several bloodthirsty zombies with black magic in a public zone.

The final girl in Signy's class is Pomona Rosemary Allwise. Pomona is fourteen, the daughter of headmistress Bellona Allwise and an unknown man. Pomona stays at blackfriars because she attempted to murder her own mother.

As for the boys (yes, I know you all like them best)...

Rainer Dahey Marlowe, aged seventeen, son of an unknown man and the beautiful divorcee (many times) Eileithya Marlowe. Minerva Walker, Mylie and Signy's mother hated Rainer's relationship with her daughter (she is a crazed heiress, mind), and informed the school that Rainer had raped Mylie. Mylie at first didn't know of this, and later, when she found out, could not or would not fight it because despite loving Rainer, he had cheated on her many times. It was partially revenge on Rainer's part that he first sought out Signy at school, bitter that his fortunes and uncarng mother had abandoned him to blackfriars.

Rainer is rooming with Charon Sigmund Mercer, who forms a tight friendship and partially unrequited love with Signy. Charon is teased a lot because his middle name, Sigmund and his friendship with Signy- in Norse mythology Signy and Sigmund were twins who went on to have an incestuous relatioship (the children of Volsung). He's even sometimes affectionately referred to as Siggy or Sigmund. At age eighteen, Charon is really a nice, great guy- however he did attempt to poison one Becky Paulson, his step-mum.

In the next room we have the twins (we can't have Giddy Brew spin offs without twins- Wyatt and Shiloh, Conrad and Chauncey, and now...) Aleister Hypnos Blake and Tiresias Thanatos Blake. Aleister and Tiresias are the sons of the poet laureate Dade Blake and an unknown woman. They are eighteen, and they supposedly assaulted sisters Kore and Keira Dunleavy- rich debutantes. No one knows whether they actually did or the girls accused them to save themselves.

Then there is Wayland Michale Shepard and Zechariah or Zechs. Zechs is non magic, Wayland is magic. They're not very open about what they did.

Lastly we have Riordan Macha Tierney. Riordan is the brother of one of the teachers and is tight lipped about his crimes.

The teachers of Blackfriars include...

Missus Allwise, (first name- Bellona, Pomona's mother, and headmistress).
Doc Tierney, (first name- Ander, Riordan's brother, and professor)
Styx (real name, Semele Lucas- young teacher)

The student assistant of blackfriars is Epiphany Watson, Serendipity's cousin, and the story explains a lot of back story in general.

Questions you might want to ask in Giddy Brew, Poison Fairytales, or Ashes Ashes but thought were unimportant or just thought had no answers might include---

Why does Epiphany join the Queen's militia?
Why is Mylie so pissed off?
How did Rainer and Mylie ever get together again?

The rest is just fun. I wanted to do a Giddy Brew story in the same world but darker- one not revolving around Prue, Harper, or really any of the Hargroves.
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Suicide by killtobeyou
Nov. 22nd, 2007 @ 01:24 am Blood.Wolf.Soul
Aside from Absinthe, my other new story is Blood.Wolf.Song, obviously the title is a WIP.

Characters are actually stolen from the old old old story Shadows Beyond Reality.

We have...

Rose Alexandra Black- Rosie's father dies, so she'd sent to live with her mother. When she gets to her mum's house however, she finds out that she and her stepfather are going on their second honeymoon. So Rosie is sent to be at the 'summer camp' her half-sister and stepbrother are at. However, Rosie's mum neglects to mention that while she's on her summer vaca in St. Bhart's, half-sister Whitter Grayson and stepbrother Mackieran Grayson are actually at Sir ....'s Camp for Troubled and Misguided Youths due to a little indiscretion they committed. So Rosie is stuck in the middle of the woods with a bunch of psychos, siblings who hate her, and of course a few wolf-boys.

Akker "Cutter" Thorne- Akker rubbed Rosie the wrong way almost from the moment they met. The three hours on the plane on the way to the camp didn't improve her opinion of him much. Wild and untamed, Akker is the son of the head of the camp. He's also the leader of his pack.

Austen Proctor- Austen is Akker's cousin. He and Rosie meet in the airport, when he decides to kiss her while she's 'asleep'. Obviously, this pisses Rosie off immensely, but Austen does his best to get in with her. He's intensely loyal, and is torn between his draw towards Rosie and his loyalty to the pack.

Cobalt ...- Cobalt is one of Rosie's first friends at the camp. She doesn't realize he's part of the pack until much later- he's one of the last to join.

Whitter Grayson- Whitter is Rosie's half-sister (actually her real sister, but Rosie doesn't know it). She dislikes Rosie since she got to live with their dad, thinking that he loved Rosie more because he fought to take her.

Mackieran Grayson- Mackieran is Rosie's stepbrother. He and Whitter got in trouble because Mackieran has this little issue where he's kind of in love with his stepsister. (Whitter, not Rosie).

George Steele- Rosie's second friend at camp. Rosie actually thought that Cobalt and George both liked her until she figures out that they actually like each other.

Boomer ....- a native american boy who is third in command of the pack. He doesn't like Rosie much because she said he has a boy's name.

Betsey Threnody- the only girl werewolf. She HATES it.

Pharoh ....- another of the pack. Smart, dark, and intelligent.

Daley Maerck- the last member of the pack. A total puppy.

Valerian Vale, Imogene Threnody, Meredith Windling, Honey .... - all the shadow mates of the pack. When a wolf is made, it is inevitable that a 'mate' is made for them. These mates are given the ability to run fast, to be strong, appropriate mates. But they all have issues. Mainly there's seven pack members and as of yet only four mates that they found. Val is sort of bitter because she's actually Betsey's mate (neither of them are lesbians) and she loves Akker. Imogene is carefree and too young for anyone and Betsey hates her because Betsey was supposed to be a shadow wolf, not a wolf, Meredith really couldn't care less. Honey is more of a gal pal than a mate to anyone.

There's other charas, but I can't remember who.

Oh, and it keeps some of the convinction plot line- ie, reincarnation. Akker is still Siris, who was the king of a wolf empire. Austen is Ryence, who was Siris's best friend. He was to have a shadow mate- who was a common girl, Dahlia. The reason there are normally no female wolves is because the only person who was to ever become a female wolf is the person who ends up with the leader of the pack- (that's how it USED TO BE. There's a diff. reason now). So obviously Dahlia and Siris fell in love. Ryence freaked. War, blood, drama. Ruined civilization of wolves. The current situation is that this orange haired girl who looks remarkably like Rosie but calls herself Dahlia has appeared and is ALSO a wolf and is causing mischief at camp. Naturally, this Dahlia turns out to be an expression of Rosie's soul- because the old Dahlia always wanted to be a wolf to be with Siris. Rosie becomes a wolf at the end, yay. Not that she wants it.

It sounds stupid but it has blood, drama, gore, and makes sense in my head. All I need in a novel. Yay.
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